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If you don't make a will, or your will isn't up-to-date, your estate may not be divided as you intended. For most people, what happens to their property and family when they die is a matter of importance, but others fear making a Will as if to do so would somehow tempt fate.

More commonly, people die without having made a Will because they have just not got round to it. Therefore, whatever age you are, if you have a family or people you want to look after, a house, savings and any assets consider making a will.

At Which? we offer a quick and easy way to make your wishes clear -  write your will online. Here are some good reasons as to why you should make a Will:

  • To gain peace of mind
  • You can put your affairs in order and leave clear instructions to provide for your spouse or civil partner and family to avoid disputes within the family
  • You can choose who should be your Executors and set out what sort of funeral you would like
  • You can make proper financial arrangements for your children if they are under 18 at the date of your death, as well as appointing a Guardian to look after them
  • To reduce or eliminate inheritance tax (IHT). Properly made wills can frequently save tens of thousands of pounds of IHT
  • To make special provisions for children who may have health, matrimonial or financial problems, thereby ensuring that the wrong people do not get their hands on your money

We provide a simple but comprehensive online questionnaire to create a will tailored to people's particular circumstances. The service is supported by telephone support by our wills specialists. Then once you have completed the questionnaire online it will be checked by our specialists ready for you to download at home, where you will have full instructions on how to sign and execute the will, as well as a jargon-free summary of the will in plain English.

For more information on wills, see our books 'Wills and Probate'  and 'What to do When Someone Dies'

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